Crete is a unique place in the world, taking travelers by storm as soon as they set foot on the island. It is a place of unspoiled beauty, where time seems to stand still. Nature unfolds in each hill and field, in every gorge and beach. And visitors are left speechless, as they reach their destination and discover that what they have been looking for is actually even more beguiling!

Being the largest island of Greece, Crete takes pride in its diversity. Here you will find not only sandy beaches with azure waters, but also steep mountains with snowy peaks that leave you in awe. There are friendly fields and olive groves, vineyards and at the same time daunting gorges and hills eager to be explored. Sometimes it feels as if you have traveled through different destinations in the world, simply by heading from one part of the island to the next.

Cretan hospitality goes side by side with the exquisite local gastronomy. All over the island, you will meet friendly people that want to greet you and ask you if you need anything. They are the same people who will ask you to join them and have a drink “on them”. Sharing a glass of raki or ouzo is part of their culture, revealing their hospitality and their need to please travelers. 

A place where the famous Minoan civilization flourished and thrived for so many centuries, an island filled with memories from the past and at the same time a hub of tourism, commerce and entertainment. There are several museums and historic monuments for you to visit and enjoy, as well as cultural events and festivities throughout the year to attend. And finally, a special mention should be made to the mesmerizing beaches. Different in their shape and size, but always thrilling and inviting. 

Crete is a marvelous place to visit, so as to be part of its identity and explore its very essence. Enjoy!
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