Agios Nikolaos

Being part of the Lassithi prefecture, Agios Nikolaos is a picturesque coastal town to the east of Heraklion. It is a tourist hub, meaning that there are a lot of travelers visiting the place throughout the year to take a glimpse at its unspoiled beauty. The town combines tranquility along with intense nightlife in an interesting blend, meant to beguile you. 

Agios Nikolaos boasts several sights and attractions, with the most notable being the small lake of Voulismeni. The lake is located at its very center, forming an almost flawless circle. According to the myth, this was the place where goddess Athena used to bathe. At the lake you will find a small park with pleasant flora and fauna. Then, the town overlooks the magical Mirabello bay and the whole scenery is purely amazing. After all, the name reveals the outstanding views!

In the area, you will also be able to visit the archaeological museum and the islet of Agioi Pantes. Within short distance from Agios Nikolaos, travelers may visit Plaka and the island of Spinalonga, a fortress that had been transformed into a leper colony.  And the church of Panagia Kera in the village of Kritsa is a Byzantine church filled with impressive frescoes and splendid surroundings. 
Agios Nikolaos is characterized by its special identity, made of its effortless beauty and privileged location. Even though the town attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world, it still maintains its warm and intimate feeling. In fact, when you are in Agios Nikolaos you immediately feel like traveling back in time, to an era far sweeter and more enticing. 

A verdant oasis, a serene retreat and a place where dreams seem to come alive...these words roughly define Agios Nikolaos and prepare you for what you are about to experience when visiting the town.
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