Crete is filled with sights and attractions worth visiting. Ideally, a traveler would have to stay there for a considerable amount of time to see them all. But even with a set and limited time frame, there are attractions not to be missed on the island of Crete.

First of all, the Palace of Knossos is the most notable palace in Crete. King Minos reportedly lived in the Palace of Knossos. It is therefore interconnected with the thriving Minoan civilization that was born on the island and developed an impressive maritime force.

Within short distance from Agios Nikolaos, there is the lovely town of Plaka and the island of Spinalonga across the town. This is a historical place with intense sentimental value, since the fortress on the island of Spinalonga had been used as a leper colony till the end of exile for the sick. Even if you have not read the best seller by Victoria Hislop, a visit will awaken emotions from within. Spinalonga has been proposed to enter the list of the international organization of UNESCO.

Samaria National Park with the world renowned Samaria Gorge are also exceptional attractions on the island of Crete. From May to mid October, visitors are welcome to cover a distance that requires up to six hours in an unspoiled, breathtaking environment. Steep mountains standing tall and evergreen nature at its finest moment, clear waters and fresh air, along with rare forms of flora and fauna, attract thousands of visitors daily.

Some other Cretan attractions include CretAquarium and Moni Arkadiou, Fortezza and Gramvousa, the city of Aptera and Gortyna, Ancient Lato and Moni Toplou. Put them in your bucket list and off you go!
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