Are you planning a trip to Crete? Do you wish to make every moment precious and unique? There are several excursions available to those traveling to the island of Crete. Of course, you are most welcome to contact our concierge team at Wyndham Grand Crete Mirabello Bay, so as to schedule the most amazing excursions meeting your criteria and desires. 

The Ideon Cave is a must-see attraction when in Crete. The main entrance opens into a large chamber with two horizontal caverns while the windy path to the cave is quite scenic with imposing rocks and mountains crowning the charming scenery. According to the legend, Zeus mother Rhea hid her son there, to protect him from his father Cronos that used to swallow his children.
Then, there is an excursion taking you to Elafonissi. This is another splendid opportunity to explore the area and see an exotic landscape from up close.

Excursions departing from Plaka to the island of Spinalonga are indeed popular and attract thousands of travelers from all over the world. Whether you have been touched by the story of lepers being exiled on site back in the days or not, the scenery will impress you. On the island, there is a fortress which has been transformed into an entire colony for the lepers.

A hiking tour to Samaria Gorge is ideal for those feeling more adventurous and of course it is perfect for nature enthusiasts. You need to be fit and patient, though, as the trip takes up to six hours to complete on foot.

Travelers are welcome to indulge in private wine tours and olive oil tours, as well as tours to the Palace of Knossos or tailor-made tours that include whatever their heart desires. So make sure that you explore your options and find the perfect Cretan excursion for you and your cherished company!
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