The absolute water adventure for everyone, an experience not to be missed! The newest feature of the hotel, the Water Park Mirabello, is ready to give excitement to its guest of all ages. Water slides, high speed plunges and fascinating water tunnels offer a unique splashy experience! Situated in the village area, the waterpark is designed to ensure the safety of all visitors, meeting all the necessary requirements.

The Waterpark’s activities will include:
  • Black Hole (minimum height of 1.20m)
  • Kamikazee Free Fall (minimum height of 1.20m)
  • Body Slide (minimum height of 1.20m)
  • Tunnel Freefall (minimum height of 1.20m)
  • Aqua Tower (can be used by children under 1.20m tall)
  • Spray Action Area (for kids from 2-5 years old)
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Havania 721 00, Agios Nikolaos
Crete, Greece
MHTE: 1040K014A0072100
Tel: +30 2841028400
FAX: +30 2841028810
E-mail: info@wyndhamgrandmirabello.com
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